Altered representations in posters from different cultures

This thesis project was carried out to show how posters are created by different eyes coming from various cultural backgrounds, and how people coming from different cultures are represented differently through the posters. It is worth noting that most posters integrate a mixture of images and text from the culture of the people the posters are representing; they also tend to contain a strong visual component that reflects their culture of origin. This project analyses posters from two different parts of the world, South Korea and Switzerland, to illustrate the difference in perceptions of people pertaining to different cultures.


Volta Mitte

The objective was to create a series of posters, which display the architecture of Volta Mitte, a new mixed-use urban planning project in Basel.

Each poster displays a different theme using distinct shapes and a custom typeface based on the triangular architectural elements of Volta Center, a residential building within Volta Mitte’s campus.