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Surface Duo early design exploration

1.Mapping Device in design system

Adaptive material

2. Design metaphor

Design metaphor and adaptive material  can be more personal and portable: Just like journal

3. Material transition

Transition study in paper

Transition study in design

3. Overall layout concept

3. Layout

Credit to former windows design team

Jeremiah Whitaker, Janis kim, Karen Scott, Ryan Vulk, Conroy Williamson, Sergey Kisselev, Karina Dion, Chris Abbas, Jason Nelson, Ryan Pendlay, Christian Valencia, Julia Carlson and Jeff Fong

Volta Mitte

The objective was to create a series of posters, which display the architecture of Volta Mitte, a new mixed-use urban planning project in Basel.

Each poster displays a different theme using distinct shapes and a custom typeface based on the triangular architectural elements of Volta Center, a residential building within Volta Mitte’s campus. 

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