Form and gesture

Gesture, viewed as an act, behavior, manner, or an approach to form, is employed for the purpose of defining and giving a meaning to the form. A chair can serve as an illustration of this issue of gesture. When does it pass for a chair? Can I call it a chair before I sit on or use it as a chair? Before I sit on it, it can be anything else. It can be a table or a house. Therefore, gesture has it that it is only after one uses an object to serve a particular function that its name becomes valid. I think that gesture can manipulate the original meaning or the definition of objects themselves.

For the case of this study, I created and experimented with different gestures (inks). 

Volta Mitte

The objective was to create a series of posters, which display the architecture of Volta Mitte, a new mixed-use urban planning project in Basel.

Each poster displays a different theme using distinct shapes and a custom typeface based on the triangular architectural elements of Volta Center, a residential building within Volta Mitte’s campus.